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Purchasing Problems is a unique web branding and product marketing company focused on helping your business efficiently manage your client’s purchasing decisions.

What we do and where we do it

What We Do is a unique web branding and product marketing company focused on helping small business to efficiently manage their client’s purchasing decisions.

Service Area

While the internet allows us to be everywhere, we are currently offering our services in and around the greate Houston metropolitan area.

Who we servE

Architects & Designers

Creating designs, managing client expectations and keeping in budget is challenging.  We can help ensure your design selections stay in budget and go from concept to installation.

Leasing Brokers & Property Mgrs

You just helped a tenant sign a new lease. Ensuring the tenant’s buildout stays in budget is now critical.  We can help ensure your client makes informed budget decisions while selecting finishes.

Contractors & Subcontractors

You promised a set price and a completion date. Now the client’s indecisiveness is challenging your budget and delaying your schedule.  We can help keep your client focused on options within their budget and ensure availablility when needed.

How we are different

While provides unique website solutions coupled with material catalogs you need to serve your clients, we do it with little or no brand recognition allowing you to become a one-stop-shop.  This make it easier for your clients to access the information they need when they need it while staying focused on you.

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